Best (24/7) Grub on the Cheap: Empanada Mama

The “something for everyone” philosophy at Empanada Mama is easily understood when looking down their menu of empanadas.

They offer classic options like Shredded Beef and Spicy Chicken, but most of their menu is made up of empanadas filled with unexpected flavors.  Beef and Broccoli Teriyaki, TJC (tuna melt with cheddar cheese and jalapeños), and Hawaiian are just a few of their unique empanada flavors.  With nearly 50 different empanadas, at $3 or less, Empanada Mama is sure to please no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Empanada Mama also offers a variety of entrées, soups, salads, arepas, desserts, and natural fruit shakes.

The empanadas at Empanada Mama are hands down the best you’ll find in the city.  Be sure to check out their unique and flavorful options 24/7 at their two locations listed below.

Empanada Mama
763 9th Avenue
(btwn 51st & 52nd Street)

Empanada Mama Express
189 E. Houston St.
(btwn Ludlow & Orchard)

9 thoughts on “Best (24/7) Grub on the Cheap: Empanada Mama

  1. From the photos and the description, this reminds me of the “Jamaican Meat Pies” my daughters used to make before we took long drives as a family to visit relatives. We would take these along, and avoid a few stops. Looks good, and very reasonably priced.

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