See Dustin Yellin’s Glass Dancers (for Free) at the New York City Ballet

Currently, the New York City Ballet is showcasing their third installment of its Winter Season Art Series located in the David Koch Theater in Lincoln Center. The installation, which includes 15 glass sculptures from the Brooklyn-based artist, Dustin Yellin, will be on view and free to the public until February 22.

The sculptures, which depict life size dancers, weigh in at 3,000 pounds each and showcase a different movement common in ballet. The installment, created specifically for NYCB, is just one part of Yellin’s larger ongoing installment called “Psychogeographies”, which will (when finished) consist of around 100 sculptures.

The heavily detailed sculptures are made through a unique process developed by Yellin. Although his exact process is somewhat of an artistic secret, Yellin has revealed that in order to get the 3-D effect for his sculptures, he fuses a collection of glass slides together, each one compiled with different clips and fragments from magazines, books, and even garbage from the street to form the human figures.

Each dancer represents a different movement, color, mood, and feel which sets it apart from the rest. It’s a beautifully put together installment that shows the many sides of ballet, and of our culture as a whole.

The installment is on view, free to the public, during the following days and hours:
Feb 17-20 from 10-5pm
Feb 21 from 10-12pm
Feb 22 from 10-1pm

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