Fashion Meets Social Change: Steven Meisel Exhibit at Phillips, NYC

Last night, many familiar names and faces of the fashion world celebrated the opening of Steven Meisel’s photography exhibit at Phillips in Manhattan.

Steven Meisel, known for his work in both US and Italian Vogue, is considered one of the most successful fashion photographers in the industry.  Meisel’s influence propelled the careers of many (now) successful models who gained their fame in the 90’s (Naomi Campbell, Lara Stone, and Christy Turlington) by regularly featuring them in his campaigns for Vogue. Aside from models, Meisel also launched the careers of a number of successful makeup artists and hair stylists like Oribe Canales (of Oribe Hair Care) and François Nars (of NARS Cosmetics).

Meisel’s daring and provocative work often uses fashion as a tool to question politics and social standards. He often takes risks in his photographs, making his work more than just a statement about fashion, but about current issues the world faces today. Many, feminists in particular, have disagreed overwhelmingly with his work, causing a number of controversies throughout his career.

Whether you love him or hate him, the (free) exhibit at Phillips is a must see for fashion and photography lovers. Meisel, who remains somewhat of a mystery in the fashion world, is considerably private and prefers being behind the camera, instead of the focus (he’s been very rarely photographed throughout his career). Meisel has never been the type to sell his photographs before, which makes the exhibit at Phillips all the more exciting to see.  The bold, yet humble Meisel, will have his work displayed (and for sale) at Phillips until March 3.

450 Park Avenue

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