NYC Hotel on a Budget: The Jane

The Jane, located at the West Village section of Greenwich Village, is a boutique hotel that offers rooms starting at an unheard of $79/night.  With the average NYC hotel charging $280/night, The Jane is an affordable and practical option.  Having said this, you’re probably envisioning a moldy, bed bug infested, stain covered room with its wallpaper half peeled, but rest assured that The Jane keeps things extremely neat and clean (and this is coming from a self diagnosed germaphobe).

The quirky atmosphere of the hotel is something straight out of Wes Anderson movie.  The lobby is lined in tall walls of mahogany and decorated with a unique, rustic decor, complete with 1920’s style furniture, chandelier lamps and taxidermy deer heads.  Further transporting you back into The Roaring Twenties, the staff is dressed in traditional vintage bellhop uniforms.

The Jane has a rich history that explains the atmosphere and decor of the hotel.  Built in 1908 by William A. Boring, who was also the architect for Ellis Island’s immigrant station,  the building was originally the site of the American Seaman’s Friend Society Sailors’ Home and Institute that served as a hotel for sailors in cabin-like rooms.  However, in 1912, survivors of the Titanic were housed at the hotel until the end of the American Inquiry on the ships sinking.  Even after being renovated in 2008, the hotel still uses its history as a source of inspiration for its charming decoration and character.

Next to the lobby, is the ballroom bar, which come midnight, transforms into one of the go-to clubs in the Meatpacking district.   I’m convinced that for what the hotel loses in offering cheap hotel rooms, they make up for in ridiculously priced drinks at the bar.  Despite the pricey cocktails, the atmosphere of the bar is a unique and lavish tone, continuing with the 1920’s style.  The actual dance floor is small, but the generous amount of tables and couches in the room, often turn into extensions of the dance floor as the night goes on.

As for the rooms themselves, the hotel offers three different options being the Standard Cabin, Bunk Bed Cabin, and Captain’s Cabin.  The Standard Cabin is a small single room with a very small bed, small flat-screen TV, and a storage area below the bed.  Now, remember that you’re paying $79/night for this room…so when I say it’s a small room, I mean that it’s 50 sq. feet and the amount of space between the edge of the bed and the other side of the wall is minimal to say the least.  The Bunk Bed Cabin is the same deal with the only difference being that it’s a bunk bed and has two TV’s instead of one.  Now again, remind yourself of the price when I say there aren’t any private bathrooms in either of these rooms.  Each of the six floors at The Jane has six bathrooms and four showers, but despite being shared, they are very clean and attended to throughout the day by housekeeping.  This brings us to the Captain’s Cabin, which for The Jane, is the crème de la crème at 250 sq. feet with its king size bed, river view with terrace, and most importantly, private bathroom.

The Jane prides itself on being a hotel that “houses guests with more dash than cash.” Being that the rooms are cheap, clean, and the energy is fun and inviting, The Jane is most definitely the best place to stay when traveling on a budget.

The Jane
113 Jane Street, New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-6700

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