For the Graffiti Lovers: 190 Bowery

The 35,000 sq. foot limestone building on the corner of Spring Street and Bowery in Noho, has been home to photographer, Jay Maisel, since he purchased it in 1966 for $102,000.  Only a small part of the 72-room building has been home to Maisel and his wife and daughter for nearly 50 years, leaving most of the mega-mansion vacant.  In September, Aby Rosen’s RFR Realty purchached the former 1898 Germania Bank building for a rumored $50 million.

The lower part of the building has been a favorite spot for graffiti artists to display their work for decades.  Maisel has never attempted to remove any of it or made any complaints to the city.

The building is covered with an incredible amount of street art, which undoubtedly will be removed once RFR Realty renovates the building, most likely to convert it into retail space.  After decades of being a popular spot for graffiti lovers and those interested in urban photography, the infamous art at 190 Bowery is down to its final days.  Graffiti junkies should definitely bring their cameras to the unique spot before it’s removed.

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