NYC’s Best Street Food: The Halal Guys

Although it doesn’t look like much, the chicken and rice platter from The Halal Guys is a NYC staple.  The popular food trucks have been drawing crowds since the early 90’s when they became the first food truck in the city to offer gyro’s and chicken rather than hotdogs or peanuts.

For $7, the platters come in huge portions of rice, chicken or lamb, lettuce, pita, and their famous white sauce and (extremely) hot sauce. I’ve never been by one of these trucks without seeing a pretty significant line…which goes to show how good the food is. The cheap street meat is a popular choice for both tourists and locals at all of their six locations.  Their original location (and usually most crowded), is on 53rd and 6th Ave, in front of the Hilton.

Because of their overwhelming popularity, The Halal Guys opened two sit-down restaurants in 2014 to accommodate their customers. The first opened in the East Village at E 14th St & 2nd Ave, and more recently their second restaurant in the Upper West Side at 722 Amsterdam Ave.

Tip: There’s a number of other food carts in the city that imitate The Halal Guys. If there’s not giant red and yellow umbrellas that read “The Halal Guys”, you’re at the wrong truck. Also, if there’s not an intimidating line of hungry people…again, you’re at the wrong truck.

Locations & Hours:

53rd St & 6th Ave (original location in front of the Hilton)
10am to 4am (until 5:30am on Fri & Sat)

53rd St & 6th Ave (across 6th Ave from above location; SE corner)
10am to 4am (until 5am on Fri & Sat)

53rd St & 7th Ave
10am to 5am

NE corner of E 14 St and 2 Ave in the East Village
11am to 4am (until 5am on Fri & Sat)

Laguardia Community College (Thomas Ave, in front of Building B)
10am to 8pm

722 Amsterdam Ave in the Upper West Side
10am-4am (until 5:30am on Fri & Sat)

19 thoughts on “NYC’s Best Street Food: The Halal Guys

  1. Hooray!!!!!! The Halal Guys are absolutely the best!! I have been to them countless times and they are worth waiting on line!! Oh I want some right now:)

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