31 Amazing Views of NYC

I thought this was worth sharing. Victor Chu shot these incredible views of NYC’s five boroughs using a drone.  The results are pretty breathtaking.

New York City really is its own little world.

Locations in order of appearance:

Battery Park, Mn
Under the FDR Drive, Mn
Under the Highline, Mn
Hudson Yards, Mn
Bruckner Interchange, Bx
Gantry Plaza Park, Long Island City, Qns
Chinatown, Mn
Northern tip of Roosevelt Island, Mn
Ed Koch (Queensboro Bridge)/Roosevelt Island Tram, Mn
Abandoned Smallpox Hospital, Roosevelt Island, Mn
FDR Four Freedoms Park, Roosevelt Island, Mn
Hunters Point South Park/East River/Manhattan Skyline
Pepsi Sign, Long Island City, Qns
Brooklyn Bridge, Bk
George Washington Bridge, Washington Heights, Mn
Manhattan Bridge/FDR Drive, Mn
Williamsburg Bridge, Bk
Staten Island Ferry, SI
Fort Wadsworth, SI
Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard, SI
Third Avenue Bridge, Bx
Yankee Stadium, Bx
History Channel Sign, Mott Haven, Bx
5 Pointz, Long Island City, Qns
The Cloisters, Ft. Tyron Park, Washington Heights, Mn
Coney Island, Bk
New York State Pavilion, Qns
Unisphere, Flushing Meadow/Corona Park, Qns
Orchard Beach, Bx
City Island, Bx
Orchard Beach, Bx

16 thoughts on “31 Amazing Views of NYC

  1. NYC is one of those cities, isn’t it? Everything’s instantly familiar – the cabs, midtown, central park, the Statue of Liberty – and yet, when you see it ‘in the flesh’, everything is more real, more vibrant even than it has been in your mind. Thanks for these pics, for this lovely blog, and for liking my posts.

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