Traditional Ukrainian Food in NYC: Veselka

Hands down, the best pierogis and potato pancakes in the city…and they’re open 24/7.  If you’re in East Village, do yourself a favor and stop by Veselka’s (but come hungry!)

Their menu is filled with traditional Ukrainian dishes like grilled Ukrainian keilbasa, stuffed cabbage, borsht, and beef stroganoff, but their best selling dish is the Ukrainian-style dumplings (they make 3,000 of these bad boys a DAY!)  Each plate comes with sautéed onions, sour cream, and apple sauce.  You have a choice of fried or boiled, with filling options including- potato, cheese, meat, spinach & cream cheese, sauerkraut & mushroom, and arugula & goat cheese.  They’re all worth trying.

Small Plate (4 pierogis) is $6.95

Large Plate (7 pierogis) is $10.95

Don’t forget to add a side of the potato pancakes for another $3.75.

Veselka also offers sandwiches, burgers, soups, pastries & desserts, and an extensive breakfast menu (served all day) at a reasonable cost.  Expect to spend anywhere from $10-30.

Fun fact: Veselka means rainbow in Ukrainian.

144 Second Avenue
b/t St Marks Pl & 9th St

18 thoughts on “Traditional Ukrainian Food in NYC: Veselka

  1. Little Poland diner is also good, authentic Eastern European food! It’s on 2nd ave near 12th street. My boyfriend is addicted to the bigos there. The atmosphere is more casual and half the customers probably eat there every day.

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