22 thoughts on “13 Moments You Need To Have In New York City

  1. The great thing about New York is that everyone’s experience can be different and still be “need to haves.” For me and my People, these are what we consider some defining New York moments:

    1) Wandering the off-the-grid streets of the West Village
    2) Walking the Bridle Path in Central Park
    3) Seeing a celebrity at the grocery store/movie theater/park and it’s no big deal
    4) Helping someone carry a stroller up/down the subway steps
    5) Going to an Off-Broadway play (I’m not allowed, but my People are)
    6) Peeing on discarded Christmas trees the week after New Year’s (okay, that’s just me)

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  2. 1. When the Little Italy waiter responds to any question with “Fuhgeddaboudit”.
    2. When the lines to anything at Christmas time are below 50 people.
    3. When you exit at 72nd St. and discover Gray’s Papaya.
    4. When you realize you could have had the deli sandwich much cheaper than the fresh fruit cup.
    5. When you remember to look up.
    6. When you hear an acoustic “Imagine” at Lennon’s floral shrine.
    7. When you escape Rock Center and end up at the Library.
    8. When you think you are walking on Broadway, but end up on 7th Avenue.
    9. When you stop to witness a gifted artist/performer in the street or subway.
    10. When you stand in the Great Hall at Ellis Island and think of your ancestry.

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  3. Not having to swipe the Metrocard on the way out isn’t unique to NYC, but it’s a rare plus.

    Another one? Trying food from at least six continents (though I’m not set on there only being seven of them) in Queens.

    Kissena and Van Cortlandt Park are alright too.

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  4. Have been following this excellent blog for months and now only 6 weeks until I get to spend 10 days in NYC. Hope it is still cold but not snowing maybe. It is stinking hot in Australia. Have been before so ticked off a lot of these things. One thing I wanted to do was go to Tonight Show but tickets “sold out” in about 30secs apparently – at 2am Aussie time:(

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    1. Seeing The Tonight Show is also on my NYC bucket list, but they seem to always be sold out. One of these days I’ll figure out how to get a ticket :p

      I hope you have fun on your trip to NYC…even if it will be without Fallon 😉


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