Funny, yet Accurate: NYC Tips and Etiquette, Part 2

Also see part one and part three for more of Nathan W Pyle’s illustrations.

27 thoughts on “Funny, yet Accurate: NYC Tips and Etiquette, Part 2

  1. # 43 is so so accurate!!! When I went to NYC I soon learned to avoid the empty subway cars, 99% of the time the A/C wasn’t working and on the stop I would have to get out and join the crowds in the other cars…

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  2. Hahaha I learned the empty subway car thing the hard way.Quickly my thoughts of “sweet,suckers!” and “who would choose a crowded car!?” turned into *looks over and realizes* “OMG,” the homeless guy over there has somewhat recently urinated on himself and never took a shower smell filled the car.Another adventure included seeing a waterfall of puke on the doors,construction dudes still in the tunnel,and drag queens playing a rousing game of tag.Did I mention I normally rode the subway in the wee hours(2-4a.m)for a hospital job. 🙂

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  3. Haha brilliant! Although the last time I was in New York I had a taxi driver who was absolutely fantastic, I wanted to go into the city over night; he showed me around, dropped me off then picked me up a few hours later to get me back to the airport for my connecting flight. He made my brief trip there something amazing. 🙂


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