Pablo Picasso in NYC

Pace Gallery in NYC is currently the temporary home to nearly 140 pieces of work from Pablo Picasso.  The exhibit, Picasso & Jacqueline: The Evolution of Style, showcases a considerable amount of Picasso’s work from the last 20 years of his life, focusing on the enigmatic relationship between him and his second wife, Jacqueline Roque.  All of the paintings, photography, and sculpture in the exhibit are depictions of Jacqueline.

Juan Jaar, a visitor from the Bronx, said, “It’s really an incredible experience to be surrounded by such an abundant amount of Picasso’s work…It’s not often that you see walls and walls completely covered in work that’s so recognizably his.”

Picasso & Jacqueline: The Evolution of Style goes from October 31, 2014, to January 10, 2015.  The exhibit extends to two locations, one at Pace Gallery’s Chelsea location at 534 West 25th (which has mostly paintings, photography, and sculpture), and one at the Midtown location at 32 East 57th (which has works primarily on paper).  Both galleries are free admission.

To see upcoming exhibits at all Pace locations, click here.

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