Best Burger on a Budget in NYC

For under $8, you can get one of the best burger’s in NYC at Corner Bistro, located on the corner of Jane Street and 4th in the Meatpacking District.  Corner Bistro is the only place I know of where you can get a quality 8 oz. burger for a fast food price.

Add a $3 beer and a huge plate of fries for another $2.75 and you’ll never want to eat again (good thing, because you’ve definitely surpassed today and tomorrow’s calorie intake at this point). 

The bar itself is “the last of the bohemian bars in West Greenwich Village” and is proud on keeping it that way.  It’s been around since the earlier part of the century, still preserving its original look and character.

Meatpacking Location

Long Island City Location *recently opened

You can check out other things on the menu, as well as merchandise on their website, here.

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