Visit the Guggenheim!

To visit one of the most famous art museums in NYC, you can pay $22 to get into The Guggenheim.  If you’re like me, and already spent your last $22 shopping along 5th Ave, there’s still a way to fulfill your art fix: go on Saturday’s anytime from 5:45-7:45. The line will look a little discouraging, as it’ll wrap extensively  around E 88th st., but it always goes fast and it’s absolutely worth it.  The Guggenheim, along with many other museums across NYC, offers pay what you wish admission prices on certain days and hours.  If you’re bold enough, you could pay a penny for admission in exchange for a few hours living in an art lovers dream.

The Guggenheim offers both permanent art, and unique exhibitions that are constantly changing.  This weekend, the museum offered a few temporary exhibits that included Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today and Kandinsky Before Abstraction, 1901–1911.  Click here to see what collections are on view now.

Kandinsky Before Abstraction, 1901–1911

Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today is largely made up of interactive art forms that give the public a chance to be a part of the art.

Check out this video to learn more about the exhibit and the artists who’ve contributed.

3 thoughts on “Visit the Guggenheim!

  1. I didn’t know this, and as a result have never been to the Guggenheim in 5 years! Will try this soon. Husband loves to take guests to the Met and play “what’s in my wallet”.

    Thanks for the heads-up!


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